© Sandra Michel

The Hunsrück

...endless expanses

No, this is not the story of the Starship Enterprise in the distant future. 
On the contrary:
The Hunsrück and its inhabitants have always been considered down-to-earth and located in the "now". 
With the Ehrbach and Baybach gorges in its repertoire from time immemorial, this half of the Hunsrück-Middle Rhine vacation region, which is rich in contrasts, has continuously developed into a hiking region par excellence, not least thanks to its connection to the Saar-Hunsrück Climb, the premium long-distance hiking trail with the highest proportion of nature trails. It is only a stone's throw to the Moselsteig or Rheinsteig.


© Klaus-Peter Kappest

High level in both senses:


As part of a low mountain landscape more than 400 m above sea level, you should expect ascents.
But you can definitely count on numerous certified circular hiking trails in the upper third of the scale of values. Whether they are called "Traumschleifen" and "Traumschleifchen" (dream loops), as in our region, or "Traumpfade" (dream paths) or "Extratouren" (extra tours) in neighbouring regions - they guarantee hiking pleasure at the highest level.

And what the difference in altitude might not suggest: cyclists also get their money's worth, as the difference in altitude can be comfortably overcome with various "lifts". The Hunsrückbahn, one of the steepest routes north of the Alps, is one of them.