The BUGA 2029

we are BUGA too

© Ti Hunsrück-Mittelrhein

In 2029, the BUGA will take place in the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley between Koblenz and Bingen. The planning of the BUGA GmbH, which will soon move into its domicile directly on the market square in Oberwesel, has long since begun. The Hunsrück-Mittelrhein region is also involved.
For example, the foreshore of Rheinfels Castle above the historic town of St. Goar (5.2 ha) has been selected as one of the BUGA development projects.
BUGA gardens are to offer visitors to the Middle Rhine what is classically part of a Federal Horticultural Show: plantings that change with the seasons, theme gardens or events. The Michelfeld and the Stadtmauergarten in Oberwesel are planned for this purpose. The escarpment of Rheinfels Castle also falls under this aspect.
At the same time, other projects have been started outside the BUGA financing, but already with a view to the major event. These include the renovation of Rheinfels Castle and the redesigning of the Rhine gardens in Oberwesel. But there are also many small projects in the Rhine Heights communities. A world heritage trail for hikers (opening June 22) and a high-altitude cycle path for e-bikers are further connecting projects. An additional focus is on special vantage points, the Rhine balconies, which are once again being given special attention. And we really do have plenty of those now.
 We are looking forward to the BUGA - and I am sure you are too.