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Bank am Geh-Denke -Weg, 56281 Schwall

The word "here" is the short form of HI mel and EARTH. And the word "now" is the short form of JEnseiTs der ZeiT.

Here you experience the first „HIER“-place.
The german word „HIER“ (here) is short for HImmel (sky) and ERde (Earth).
And the german word „JETZT“ (now) is consisting of german „ JEnseiTs der ZeiT“ (beyond time).
Sit down! In „here“, between heaven and earth and ook in der cardinal direction that suits you,
be in „now“, in the beyond of time.
In the north, the books are hung up on the nail. In the east: technology, activity. In the south: flowers, meadows, fields. In the west the bubbles will soon become stars.


From11.05.2022 until the 17.06.2032

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56281 Schwall Bank am Geh-Denke -Weg
Bank am Geh-Denke -Weg
56281 Schwall

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