Hunsrückbahn am BH Emmelshausen | © T. Biersch


Bahnhofstrasse, 56281 Emmelshausen

The train... runs every hour between Boppard and Emmelshausen during the season. The train, incidentally the steepest railroad line north of the Alps, is particularly popular with cyclists who appreciate the convenient option of taking their bikes along after a tour of the Rhine Valley.Modern vehicles are on the road on the Hunsrück Railway. They are air-conditioned, equipped with comfortable seats for a high legroom.

Hunsrückbahn am BH Emmelshausen | © T. Biersch
Hunsrückbahn im Winter | © S. Mauer
Hunsrückbahn mit Brücke bei Ehr | © S. Mauer
Hunsrückbahn bei Nacht | © S. Mauer


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56281 Emmelshausen Bahnhofstrasse
56281 Emmelshausen

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