Der Windwandler

00:00 - 23:59

Geh-Denke-Weg: Der Windwandler

Karthause, 56291 Schwall

Artwork at the "Geh-Denke-Weg" in Schwall

The wind converter an ingenious wind generator The form was made by a sphere with only two wings, the base are the wings from the F16, which are held on a horizontal axis. In motion you always see an 8, the symbol of infinity. Our life base water drives the wind and therefore every wind energy generator. The grip on reality has hand and foot and if this fits together, then there is the wind converter.

Der Windwandler
Der Windwandler in Schwall

Geh-Denke-Weg: Der Windwandler

From03.05.2022 until the 17.06.2032

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56291 Schwall Karthause
Geh-Denke-Weg: "Der Windwandler"
56291 Schwall

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