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Aussichtsturm auf dem Spitzen Stein

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Observation tower with historical background with views of the Loreley, Sterrenberg, Liebenstein, Katz, Maus, Gutenfels and Pfalzgrafenstein castles and much more.

Observation tower with historical background with distant views of the Loreley, Sterrenberg, Liebenstein, Katz, Maus, Gutenfels and Pfalzgrafenstein castles and much more.

History / Geography

Extract from the St. Goarer Kreisblatt of 09 Oct. 1839 "Higher and higher the path carried us, when suddenly a ridge of mountains appeared before us, its slope covered by rock quartz towers, and stood on the height, like the ruins of a mighty castle, before us - the tip stone. Surprised, we rushed towards it and found enormous masses of quartz rock, which formed very peculiar shapes in irregular blocks, on top of and on top of each other.

History / Wing Telegraph

Optical telegraphy for transmitting messages according to the Chappe system The French technician Claude Chappe developed at the time of the French. Revolution, Claude Chappe developed a technically practicable optical telegraphic device based on the transmission of characters by means of swivelling signal arms. Two swivelling crossbars were attached to a high mast with two further swivelling bars at each end, which could be used to signal different letters depending on their position by means of a code. The telegraph stations were located between nine and twelve kilometres apart, depending on the terrain, so that the signs could be seen with a telescope without any doubt. Napoléon Bonaparte used this flexible and fast system to communicate with the various troops and probably also to organize the entire Rhine province. In 1794 a telegraph line was established between Paris and Lille, which bridged 270 km with 22 stations. The transmission time of a letter / coded message took about 2 minutes !

History / Painting

The German / English painter Carl Haag, born in Erlangen in 1820 and died in Oberwesel in 1915, depicted not only Oberwesel motifs but also his immediate surroundings. Watercolor "In the Spitzenstein near Oberwesel" 17 & 18 August 1852 National Museums and Galleries of Nothern Ireland, Ulster The painting location "Spitzer Stein" inspired Carl Haag to create a special work of landscape painting, in which he stylized and emphasized the uniqueness of the natural monument without any staffage. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Aussichtsturm auf dem Spitzen Stein

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55430 Urbar
Spitzer Stein
55430 Urbar

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