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Aussichtspunkt Sieben-Jungfrauen-Blick

Rathausstr. 3, 55430 Oberwesel

Wonderful resting place at the Günderodehaus.

Wonderful resting place at the Günderodehaus, the film house of Heimat 3, which is home to a museum and a daytime restaurant.

Magnificent view of the Rhine valley, the castles of Schönburg, Pfalzgrafenstein and Gutenfels, and the town of Oberwesel. At low tide, according to legend, the Seven Virgins (rock formation) emerge from the Rhine. Parking lot approx. 50 m away. Located directly on the RheinBurgenWanderweg.

7-Jungfrauen-Blick | © Tourist-Information Oberwesel
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Aussichtspunkt Sieben-Jungfrauen-Blick

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